Gullah Culture

In this activity, students learn about the history of African American English and the meaning of dialect and linguistic patterns. Students watch a video about African American English and analyze the dialect's linguistic patterns.

This lesson provides students with an opportunity to design, construct and piece a beautiful strip quilt in the Gullah tradition.

Gullah Geechee is a culture located on the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia.

A list of activities related to Gullah Net on and the Gullah culture.

Activities related to the song "Little Johnny Brown" and the Sea Island musical culture.

Several activities based on Lowcountry cuisine and food.  

Historians learn about the past by studying objects. See what you can learn about life on a rice plantation by studying photographs of three objects and trying to figure out how they were used.

In this lesson, students learn more about the religious observances of slaves in the United States by presenting hymns from Slave Songs in the US digitized in the Documenting the American South Collection.

This is a lesson plan from The Powder House, South Carolina's oldest public building. 1. Students will demonstrate a realistic understanding of slavery as it pertains to Charleston, SC. 2.