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Color photograph of Larry Lebby

Larry Francis Lebby

Larry Francis Lebby was an artist best known for his portraits of former United States president Jimmy Carter, Dr. Benjamin Mays, and Modjeska Simpkins.

Color photograph of John O'Neall

John Belton O'Neall

John Belton O'Neall was a judge who served on the precursor to the South Carolina Supreme Court. He is known for writing a digest of "The Negro Law of South Carolina."

Black and white photograph of Cootie Stark

Cootie Stark (Johnnie Miller)

Blues and Gospel singer

Blue Sky wearing a cowboy style straw hat, white dress sitting in a cafe.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a contemporary painter and sculptor known for his large murals and public sculptures.

A brick building with a huge drink Coca-Cola art mural.

Laurens County

Laurens County and its county seat, Laurens, were named for Revolutionary War leader Henry Laurens (1724-1792).

The front of an old bricked building with a rounded top and two circular windows above the door way.

Colleton County

Colleton County was named for one of the Lords Proprietors, Sir John Colleton (1608-1666).

A brown brick and white accented church.

Anderson County

Anderson County and its county seat, Anderson, were named for Revolutionary War general Robert Anderson (1741-1812).

A wooden building with a faded sign.

Fairfield County

The origin of Fairfield's name is not known, but local legend attributes it to a remark by Lord Cornwallis about the "fair fields" of the area. The county was formed in 1785 as a part of the Camden District.

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina State Picnic Cuisine

Barbecue was designated as the official State Picnic Cuisine by Act Number 231 of 2014. Each region of South Carolina has a unique way of preparing and cooking barbecue that can be explored through South Carolina's "BBQ Trail."

South Carolina Glossary

pale brown clay covers faded wood

wattle and daub

(noun) - a construction of wet clay or sand spread over a weave of branches and twigs to form a wall, barrier, fence, or roof