Political leaders and parties in the tense time after the Civil War proposed various plans for Reconstruction.

As part of the Action in the Classroom program, this edition provides hands-on lessons, lesson resources (fact sheets for teachers that present more detailed background on issues), student activities and worksheets.

This online exhibition and educator resource series focuses on the complex history of emancipation and the period of Reconstruction that followed the American Civil War.

In this lesson students evaluate the damage caused by the Charleston Earthquake of 1886 through photographic evidence.

This activity enlightens eighth graders on the life of Bertie Herbert Bowman. They will have a better understanding of the term "the American Dream", and they will see how Bowman achieved his American dream.


This activity enlightens eighth graders on the life of Bertie Herbert Bowman. They will have a better understanding of the term "Exodusters," and they will see how exodusters affected Bowman's life.

The students will: Be introduced to the life of Bishop Daniel Alexander Payne. Be introduced to stain glass painting, its history, and purpose. Create a "stain glass" painting on canvas using the media of acrylic paint.

Objective: To enlighten students about the development, culture, history, geography, and achievements of Mitchelville, the USA’s first planned town for recently enslaved Americans of African descent on Hilton Head Island, SC.

Students explore the Documenting the American South Collection titled, the "Church in the Southern Black Community. Beginning with a historian's interpretation of the primary sources that make up the collection, students search the collection for

This lesson provides an excellent bridge into the study of the Reconstruction era. Students will examine the roles of the president that have evolved through history and the powers of the president as prescribed in Article II of the U.S.

Students will learn about the life and exploits of Robert Smalls, a slave in Charleston during the Civil War who gained his freedom by stealing a Confederate ship.

Students in this lesson work to explain the effects of the Civil War on South Carolina’s economy. This lesson involves a pre-assessment, guided inquiry, and a formative post-assessment.

This lesson addresses the problematic existence of one Freedman college in South Carolina established during the reconstruction era.

Students will act as historians researching, analyzing and evaluating the eight historically black colleges and universities (HBCU)'s in South Carolina.

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Historic Content 

This lesson focuses on cause and effect, a Social Studies skill, and synthesizing, a literacy skill. Students will analyze three different tragedies and determine the effects of each.

This lesson focuses on the students’ ability to analyze, interpret, and synthesize social studies resources to make inferences and draw conclusions.

Students will examine several historical congressional records from the Reconstruction period to assess whether the documents show evidence that the Reconstruction period of American history should or should not be viewed as a revolution.

Willie Lee Rose's Rehearsal for Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment details the take over by Union troops of Port Royal Island, South Carolina.