Local Government and Communities

Students will be introduced to Allendale, SC, as they learn about its prosperity in the 1950s and its economic loss in the 1990s.

This lesson is designed to help students become more familiar with the landform regions of South Carolina, those areas of South Carolina with similar economic activities, life styles, and who share similar landscapes.

Students will be able to define community activism and engage in a group activity that demonstrates community activism.

Students will be able to define community activism and engage in a group activity that demonstrates community activism.

A lesson plan using an article from the Sandlapper Magazine about the City of Cayce.

Every place on Earth has distinguishing characteristics that make it unique. Generally, places on Earth are described in terms of physical and cultural characteristics.

  • Students will understand the terms discrimination and segregation
  • Students will understand the court case Brown v. Board of Education

In this lesson, students will examine Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council and learn about regulatory takings.

The students will examine the organization of local and state government and the function of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. 

The student will create short scripts and monologues personifying government.

The student will identify the three branches of government. The student will write a letter to the mayor.

Students will be able to demonstrate the campaign and voting process to hold their own classroom elections. They will understand the process and system of an election on a local level.

Understand how individuals, families, and communities live and work together in America and around the world.

The students will create a brochure about laws that we follow as citizens.  

The students will research the town/city in which they live to find out facts and identify geographical features and places of their community.

This lesson is designed to help students become familiar with their state of South Carolina and the variety of features, conditions, and opportunities it can offer.

This lesson focuses on cause and effect, a Social Studies skill, and citing evidence, a literacy skill. Students will compare and contrast, take a stance, and support the stance with evidence.

The purpose of this lesson is to increase the students' knowledge about the development of interstates and their economic impact on South Carolina.

This lesson is designed to help students gain a better understanding of the many opportunities that South Carolina offers.

This is a lesson plan from The Powder House, South Carolina's oldest public building. 1. The student will identify three reasons for the location of the defense wall. 2. The student will illustrate the location of the defense wall.

South Carolina consists of urban, suburban, and rural communities. Students will utilize maps to label and describe the different land use classifications. 

This year-long project will help students understand the great variety of industries, tourist attractions, historical places, and forms of entertainment found in the Palmetto State.

This unit focuses on explaining change and continuity over time and across cultures.