Property: The Big Apple, 1000 Hampton St., Columbia, SC 29201 

Historic Content 

Activities related to call-and-response in songs: "Got On My Travelin' Shoes," "Jonah," "Eli, Eli (Somebody Call Eli)."

This activity shows students how both in the North and in the South, music was used extensively during the Civil War to rally troops and the public.

Activities related to the song "Little Johnny Brown" and the Sea Island musical culture.

GOAL: To introduce to students material culture and music related to the Battle of Cowpens.

Students will learn about our country's patriotic music in this music activity. At the picnic shelter, students can practice their fluency and analyze Yankee Doodle. Students can then sing the song chorally.

In this lesson, students learn more about the religious observances of slaves in the United States by presenting hymns from Slave Songs in the US digitized in the Documenting the American South Collection.

In this lesson, students will learn about the importance of music in the lives of slaves by reading slave narratives and listening to recordings.

During this activity, you and your child will listen to some freedom songs on the Internet, and then make your own version of one of the songs.

Property: Dizzy Gillespie Birthplace HM, 337 Huger Street, Cheraw, SC 2952 

Historic Content

Teacher leads the students in a rousing march to Cowpens National Battlefield! Teacher follows script provided and students echo.