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side portrait of John Taylor

John Taylor

Congressman, governor, U.S. senator.

A drawing of a man in early American military uniform.

Thomas Pinckney

Thomas Pinckney was an early American statesman, diplomat, and soldier in the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

Black and white sketch of Richard Anderson with full beard and mustache.

Richard Heron Anderson

Richard Heron Anderson was a General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War

Black and white photograph of Coleman L. Blease

Coleman Livingston Blease

Coleman Livingston Blease was the Governor of South Carolina from 1911 to 1915 and US Senator from 1925 to 1931.

A large stone building with a large dome on top of the building.

Richland County

Richland County was probably named for its "rich land." The county was formed in 1785 as part of the large Camden District.

A white building with outlined teal windows next to a willow tree.

Jasper County

Jasper County was named for Revolutionary War hero Sergeant William Jasper (ca.1750-1779).

A stately white house with a gray roof, manicured lawn, and brick and iron fence.

York County

York County and its county seat, the city of York, were named for York County, Pennsylvania.

A brick building with a huge drink Coca-Cola art mural.

Laurens County

Laurens County and its county seat, Laurens, were named for Revolutionary War leader Henry Laurens (1724-1792).

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina State Dance

The Shag (Carolina Shag) was designated the official State Dance by Act Number 329 of 1984. The basic step for this upbeat, quick, and smooth dance is a six-count, eight-step pattern danced in a slot. 

South Carolina Glossary

Women in white dresses walk down the street


(noun) -  the right to vote in political elections