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William Jones Lowndes with brown and white cocker spaniel.

William Jones Lowndes

William Jones Lowndes represented South Carolina in the U.S. Congress from 1811 to 1822.

A bald middle-aged man

James Jude Courtney

James Jude Courtney is an actor best known for playing Michael Myers in the Halloween film franchise.

Moolah holding the NWA World Women's Championship belt.

The Fabulous Moolah

Born in Kershaw County, SC, Lillian Ellison was a female professional wrestler better known as "The Fabulous Moolah."

Smiling Alicia Leeke

Alicia Leeke

Alicia Leeke is an artist known for her post-impressionistic style and incorporation of Fauvism. 

 A white church surrounded by a black fence and gray grave stones.

Bamberg County

Bamberg County and its county seat, Bamberg, were named for local resident William Seaborn Bamberg (1820-1858) and other members of the Bamberg family.

Round brick buildings covered in snow and ice.

Lexington County

Lexington County and its county seat, the town of Lexington, were named for the battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, the first battle of the American Revolution.

A stately white house with a gray roof, manicured lawn, and brick and iron fence.

York County

York County and its county seat, the city of York, were named for York County, Pennsylvania.

A wooden house with a brick chimney.

Saluda County

Saluda County was named for the Saluda River, which forms one of its borders. The county was established in 1895 from part of Edgefield County, and the county seat is the town of Saluda.

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina State Duck

The Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) was designated the official State Duck by Act Number 58 of 2009. Wood Ducks tend to habitat in woodland ponds, lakes, swamps, and marshes feeding on the vegetation and insects. 

South Carolina Glossary

A man point at a document while people look at what he is pointing at


(noun) - the business of providing services such as transportation, places to stay, or entertainment for people on vacation.