A-Z List of SC People

Dizzy Gillespie

(1917-1993) Born in Cheraw, SC, African American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, singer and composer

William Henry Gist

(1807-1874) William Henry Gist was the governor of South Carolina from 1858-1860 and a leader of the secession movement.

Gordon Glisson

(1930-1997) Born in Winnsboro, SC, Gordon Glisson was a Champion Thoroughbred horse racing jockey.

Ambrose E. Gonzales

(1857-1926) Ambrose E. Gonzales and his brother, N.G. Gonzales, founded The State newspaper in 1891.

Wil Lou Gray

(1883-1984) Wil Lou Gray was a pioneer of adult education and literacy and founder of the Opportunity School program in Columbia.

Jonathan Green

(1955- ) Jonathan Green is a contemporary African-American painter and printmaker who was born in Gardens Corner, SC.

Maxcy Gregg

(1814-1862) Born in Columbia, SC, Maxcy Gregg was a lawyer and later brigadier general in the Confederate States Army.

William Gregg

(1800-1867) William Gregg was the founder of the Graniteville Company, an early cotton mill in Aiken County.

Archibald Grimkè

(1849-1930) Born in Charleston, SC, Archibald Grimkè was a lawyer, journalist, community leader, and involved in the early NAACP. The abolitionist Grimkè sisters were his aunts.

Sarah Grimkè & Angelina Grimkè Weld

Sarah Grimkè (1792-1873) & Angelina Grimkè Weld (1805-1879) - The Grimkè sisters were Charleston aristocrats who became active abolitionists who spok