A-Z List of SC People

Ray Allen

(1975- ) Raised in Dalzell, SC, Ray Allen is an NBA All-Star basketball player who has played with the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, and Boston Celtics.

Joseph Alston

(1779-1816) Born in All Saints Parish (Georgetown County), Joseph Alston was the governor of South Carolina from 1812-1814 and was also implicated in plots of his father-in-law Aaron Burr, who was accused of tryin

Bill Anderson

(1937- ) Born in Columbia, SC, Bill Anderson is a country music singer and songwriter nicknamed "Whisperin' Bill."

John Gary Anderson

(1861-1937) John Gary Anderson founded the Anderson Motor Company which made automobiles from 1916 to 1926. Fewer than a dozen Anderson automobiles still survive.

Pink Anderson

(1900-1974) Born in Laurens, SC, Pink Anderson was a blues singer and guitarist who inspired the "Pink" in the name of the English rock band Pink Floyd.

Cat Anderson

(1916-1981) Born in Greenville, SC, Cat Anderson was a well-known jazz trumpeter who played with Duke Ellington in his orchestra.

Maria Martin Bachman

(1796-1863) Maria Martin Bachman was a 19th century natural history painter who worked with John Audubon.

Mercer Silas Bailey

(1841-1926) M.S. Bailey was a successful businessman in Clinton, who owned two cotton mills and was active in banking and other local businesses.

Bernard Baruch

(1870-1965) Born in Camden,SC, Bernard Baruch was an economic advisor to presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Charlotta Bass

(1874-1969) Born in Sumter, SC, Charlotta Bass was a newspaper publisher in Los Angeles, California, and the first African-American woman on a Presidential campaign ticket in a United States presidential election.