SC Glossary

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(noun) - a plant grown for food or other uses

(noun) - a place where roads meet

(noun) - the spread of cultural elements from one culture to another

(noun) - the way of life of a group of people, including their behaviors, beliefs, values, customs, and symbols

(noun) - coins and paper money

(noun) - a distinctive structure forming above the roots of a cypress tree of any of various species of the subfamily Taxodioideae. Their function is unknown, but they are generally seen on trees growing in swamps.

(adjective) - referring to the milk production industries

(noun) - a large wall built across a river to change the natural flow of water and make a deep lake form behind the wall

(noun) - money that one person or organization owes or must pay to another

(noun) - a plant, especially a tree, that loses its leaves in the winter