SC Glossary

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(noun) - meat grilled or cooked over an open fire. In South Carolina, barbeque often refers to pork covered in one of several different kinds of sauces, such as mustard-based or tomato-based sauce.

(noun) - a long, narrow island running parallel to the mainland that protects the coast from wind and waves

(noun) - a direct trade of goods or services

(noun) - an area of water that drains into a river

(noun) - a fight between groups of soldiers

(noun) - a genre of music popular in South Carolina that combines musical styles of the 1940s-1960s. Beach music is closely associated with the Carolina Shag dance style.

(noun) - a boil of seafood, pork sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob that is also named Frogmore stew or Lowcountry boil.

(noun) - a part of the U.S. Constitution that lists the rights of each citizen of the United States

(noun) - a person’s life story

(noun) - ships used to isolate a city, often a port, in order to prevent food, people, and communications from coming in or out