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(noun) - a rooster bred and trained for fighting

(noun) - a division of labor on plantations where slaves were divided into groups, supervised by a driver, and worked the entire day for the owner’s profit

(noun) - a newspaper

(noun) - a fruit that grows on a vine. When the gourd is dried, it can be hollowed out and used as a drinking cup or as a container for storage.

(noun) - the body with the power to make and enforce laws for a country, land area, people, or organization

(noun) - the leader of a state in the United States

(noun) - The fruit of certain grasses that furnish the chief food of humans. These include corn, wheat, rye, and oats

(noun) - a rock mined in South Carolina that is used for building stone, road gravel, flooring, and decorative stone

(noun) - small pieces of rock used for laying on the beds of roads and railroads.

(noun) The Great Wagon Road was an improved trail through the Great Appalachian Valley from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, and from there to Georgia in colonial America. 

(noun) - a mill that grinds grain in order to turn it into flour, grits, or other edible products.

(noun) - coarsely ground hulled corn boiled as a breakfast dish in the southern United States

(noun, adjective) - a culture comprised of communities of blacks found on the Sea Islands and coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia; the language spoken by these communities formed by a melding of English and various African