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(noun) - the system of production , distribution and consumption of goods and services

(noun) - a system formed by the interaction of all living things with each other and with the physical and chemical factors of the environment in which they live

(noun) - a proclamation issued by President Lincoln in September, 1862, effective January 1, 1863, freeing the slaves in all territory still at war with the Union

(verb) - to leave the country where one lives and reside elsewhere

(noun) - everything surrounding one (e.g., Earth’s environment includes everything in and on earth’s surface and its atmosphere within which organisms, communities, and objects exist)

(noun) - the process where soil and other matter are worn away by rain, stream currents, and wind

(noun) - a plant, especially a tree, that has leaves or needles throughout the entire year

(noun) - the branch of government that is responsible for carrying out the laws

(noun) - someone who travels into little known regions

(noun) - an item that is produced to be sold to people in other countries

(adjective) - no longer in existence