SC Glossary

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(noun) - the remains of an ancient animal or plant found underground

(noun) - a person who has been released from slavery

(noun) - the area near or beyond a boundary. During colonization, the frontier was any part of the continent beyond the existing settlements along the coast.

(noun) - trade of animal skins with Native Americans that was the first profitable business for early Carolinians

(noun) - a rooster bred and trained for fighting

(noun) - a division of labor on plantations where slaves were divided into groups, supervised by a driver, and worked the entire day for the owner’s profit

(noun) - a newspaper

(noun) - a fruit that grows on a vine. When the gourd is dried, it can be hollowed out and used as a drinking cup or as a container for storage.

(noun) - the body with the power to make and enforce laws for a country, land area, people, or organization

(noun) - the leader of a state in the United States