The Walk On-John Feinstein

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Alex Myers is a triple-threat athlete, great at football, basketball, and baseball. But he'll have to fight for a spot on the varsity team. He may be a great quarterback, but from the first day of football practice, it's clear that the position is very much filled by the coach's son, Matt.

Alex has the better arm, but Matt has more experience, and the coach's loyalty. Alex finally gets a chance to show what he can do when Matt is injured, and he helps win a key game to keep the Lions' bid for the state championship alive. But just when his star is rising, Alex gets blindsided; the state has started drug testing, and Alex's test comes back positive for steroids. Alex knows that's not right. But he doesn't know if it's a mistake, or if someone just wants to make sure he that he's unable to play.

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