Lawless - Jeffrey Salane

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M Freeman has been homeschooled her entire life, so she has no idea just how unusual her education has been — not until she leaves home to attend the prestigious (and mysterious) Lawless School. Suddenly, it's very clear to M that her tutors have been preparing her all along for a life of crime. She excels at escape tactics. She's a whiz at spotting forgeries. Her years of piano lessons pay off when picking pockets and cracking safes.

M's newfound talent for criminal mischief soon brings her to the attention of the Masters, the secretive school's most secretive clique. M's interest in the Masters is personal; joining this international dishonor society is her best chance to learn the truth about her father's life — and his death. But when her first real-world heist goes wrong, M is left wondering: Is there truly honor among thieves? This debut novel is full of twists and turns, revelations and reversals. Spoiling the ending for your friends would be criminal!

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