Theater and Film

Marquee of the Theater of the Republic on Main Street in Conway, SC.

Theatre of the Republic in Conway, SC. Image courtesy of SCPRT.

South Carolina has a long tradition of theatrical arts, from Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, to community theater and filmmaking in towns across the state.

Artopia-Media Arts


In the media arts lobby, you can meet an artist, be a media critic, watch a movie, and create your own animation and storyboards.

Porgy and Bess: A Charleston Opera

Charleston native Dubose Heyward wrote the book Porgy in 1925, about African-American life in tenement streets of his hometown. In 1935 Heyward and George Gershwin produced an opera based on the book.

History of Theater Buildings

Meet two historical buildings in South Carolina that were built and used for theatrical productions.

Newberry Opera House

The Newberry Opera House was built in 1881 for $30,000. It quickly became known as "the entertainment center of the Midlands."

South Carolina in Movies

Lots of movies have been filmed in South Carolina because of our unique settings.