Modern Era

Demolition of the Savannah River Site

Savannah River Site. Wikimedia Commons. 25 May 2010.

Explore our state's participation in modern wars, increased infrastructure, and economic development in the "New South."

Modern Wars

  • Generations of Heroes
    Watch interviews of South Carolina veterans from several wars.
  • Write from the Front
    See photographs of South Carolina service members in the current conflicts, and meet fallen heroes.
  • Korean War DISCUS
    During the Korean War, the United States defended South Korea against North Korea who was allied to the Soviet Union.
  • Vietnam War DISCUS
    During the Vietnam War, Americans fought a long war against Communist expansion in Southeast Asia.

Protest Movement in South Carolina

Savannah River Site

The Savannah River Site is a nuclear reservation in Aiken, Allendale, and Barnwell counties. It was built during the 1950s to produce plutonium and tritium to use in nuclear weapons. 6,000 people in several small towns in South Carolina were forced to leave their homes.

Around the State

  • Althea Gibson
    Althea Gibson was an African American tennis and golf athlete from Clarendon County who helped desegregate these sports.
  • South Carolina Place Names
    What places are named after animals? What about tree-named places?
  • The Last Auction
    Mullins is a rural tobacco town that has been growing tobacco since 1894. Play the interactive small town game to see what choices you would make if you ran a town with a declining rural economy.

Strom Thurmond

strom thurmond
Strom Thurmond, image from the United States Senate.

Strom Thurmond was a governor of South Carolina and a US senator. He turned 100 years old while still a Senator. Strom Thurmond also is known for the longest filibuster in the legislature, speaking for 24 hours and 18 minutes nonstop in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957.