Land Use

Mural depicting picking cotton and haying.

Past and Present Agriculture and Industry of Colleton County (mural study, Walterboro, South Carolina Post Office) by Sheffield Kagy. 1938. Image courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Learn how the people of South Carolina use the land to grow crops, mine minerals, and fish in the rivers.


  • Economic Activity
    Meet peach farmers, sugar cane makers, miller, and others who continue agricultural traditions in South Carolina.
  • Agritourism
    Learn more about Cottle Strawberry Farms in Columbia and their U-pick and we-pick activities.
  • What's in Season?
    Discover what produce is available during each season in South Carolina.
  • SC Agribusiness
    Learn more about jobs in agriculture.
  • Palmettovore
    Learn about this growing movement to eat locally-produced foods.

Agricultural History

Boll weevil
Boll weevil. Image from the USDA ARS.
  • History of South Carolina Agriculture
    Agriculture is an important theme in the history of South Carolina.
  • Boll Weevil
    Throughout much of the early 1900s, the boll weevil infested and destroyed cotton crops in the Southeast.
  • Rice & Indigo in South Carolina
    Both rice and indigo have been valuable cash crops in South Carolina.
  • Colleton County mural
    This mural that was in the Post Office in Walterboro, SC shows several agricultural pursuits, such as cotton farming, grain harvesting, and farming of chickens and watermelons.

Specific Commodities

  • Tobacco Barns
    Wooden tobacco barns dotted the Pee Dee region from the 1880s until the use of automated bulk tobacco curing.
  • Forestry in South Carolina
    Timber in South Carolina is the most valued agricultural crop with an estimated value of $835 million.
  • Shrimp in South Carolina
    Commercial shrimpers harvest the brown and the white shrimp off the shores of South Carolina.


  • Mining Maps of SC
    What minerals are being mined in your county?
  • Kaolin
    Kaolin is a type of clay mined in South Carolina that is used in paint and paper production.
  • Blue Granite
    Learn more about South Carolina's state stone.
  • Resources and Power DISCUS
    Learn more about the state's mining and power activities.