Boy shucking oysters

Boy shucker, Varn & Platt Canning Co, Bluffton, South Carolina. Image courtesy of Library of Congress.

Industry came to South Carolina as entire families worked in the textile mills and factories in the Upstate.

Mill Life

A Changing State

Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War began when the U.S.S. Maine exploded in the Havana, Cuba harbor. Many South Carolinians participated in the short war, and Greenville and Columbia both had camps for soldiers.

Photographs and Video from Around the State

  • Seneca from 1906 and Westminster in 1924
    Watch two short videos about the history of towns in Oconee County.
  • Turpentine
    Turpentine was made by collecting "gum" from living pine trees and processing it at a turpentine distillery.
  • 1886 Charleston Earthquake
    The earthquake damaged 2,000 buildings, causing $6 million worth in damages. Between 60 and 110 lives were lost.

South Carolina Dispensary

The South Carolina Dispensary system required that all liquor sold within South Carolina borders be bottled and dispensed through state-run facilities. The system lasted from 1993-1907 statewide and until 1916 in some counties. You can see bottles from the dispensary system with the palmetto logo.