Human and Environment Interaction

Wooden railway station

Darrell Koons. South Carolina Railway Station. 1967. acrylic on panel. 18" x 47.25" Image courtesy of the SC Arts Commission.

Find out about transportation, environmental issues, and other ways South Carolinians and the environment interact.


Marine and River Transportation

South Carolina canals
South Carolina canals in use in 1825. Image courtesy of SCETV.
  • Pirates, Plankton, & Pelicans
    Explore the Spirit of South Carolina schooner that replicates a merchant ship used in the late 1800s along South Carolina’s shores.
  • The Saluda Canal
    The Saluda Canal was built in 1818 to help boat travel upstream using the Saluda River.

Man-made Lakes

Environmental Issues

  • Water Quality
    Find out what water quality is and how scientists tell if the water you drink is safe.
  • Enviromysteries
    Maggie and all the folks at Reps need your help in solving all the environmental health problems going on at their center.
  • EPA Student Center
    Explore games, videos, quizzes, and information about environmental issues that affect you.
  • The Facts on Water Conservation
    Find out how you and your family can help use water wisely.


CCC and the State Parks

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