Great Depression and World War II

US Marine making a phone call at Parris Island training camp.

Parris Island, South Carolina. U.S. Marine Corps glider detachment training camp, 1944. Image from the Library of Congress.

South Carolinians during the Great Depression faced significant hardships, only relieved with the economic relief of World War II.

South Carolinians in World War II

Camp Croft and Fort Jackson

The Great Depression


  • Ration Coupons on the Home Front, 1942-1945
    During World War II, Americans were rationed and only able to buy a certain amount of items such as tires, gasoline, food, and cars.
  • Julia Peterkin
    Julia Peterkin was a writer from Laurens County who wrote about the African American experience in the South.
  • The Photographer Bayard Wootten
    Bayard Wooten photographed the lives of Americans living in the mountains of western North Carolina and the low country of South Carolina.
  • Elliott White Springs
    Elliot Springs owned Springs Cotton Mills, a very profitable textile mill company in the upcountry.
  • Iodine
    South Carolina promoted its agriculture that was high in iodine, even having "The Iodine State" on license plates!

CCC and the State Parks

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