Exploration and Colonization

Drawing of Anne Bonny aboard a ship hold pistols in each hand.

Anne Bonny. Wikimedia Commons. 10 January 2016. 

Discover French, Spanish, and British colonies along the coast and find out how colonists explored, settled, and lived.


Come learn more about the French and Spanish Colonial landmarks on what is now Parris Island. This island has been home to Charlesfort (1562-1563) and Santa Elena (1566-1587) as well as Native American settlements and British plantations.

Circle of Inheritance

  • A Struggle for Power
    Learn about early Spanish settlements and Charles Town Landing.
  • Carolina Medley
    Watch this history of Charles Town and the influences of Barbadians, Scots, French Huguenots, and Germans.
  • A World Apart
    Discover more about growth of the rest of the state as a Royal Colony, the dominance of the Anglican parishes, and colonial life at the start of the Revolution.


  • Eliza Lucas Pinckney 
    Eliza Lucas Pinckney is best known for her experiments with creating blue dye from indigo plants.
  • Elizabeth Timothy 
    Elizabeth Timothy was America’s first female newspaper editor.
  • Lord Proprietors
    Find out more about each of the eight original Lord Proprietors, who were given a huge section of the North American continent to control.
  • Henrietta Johnston
    Henrietta Johnston was America's first female professional artist.



Slavery & The Stono Rebellion

Relations with Native Americans

map of Charleston
Charleston, South Carolina, 1671. From the Report on the Social Statistics of Cities, George E. Waring, Jr., 1887. Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.