Dancers dancing the Charleston.

Underneath the Stars. Bryan Ledgard. Wikimedia Commons. 25 July 2015.

From The Big Apple to the Carolina Shag and the Charleston, South Carolina has been influential in lots of dance styles.

Gullah Folktales

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The Charleston

The Charleston was a popular dance craze in the 1920s. It got its name from a song of the same name in a Broadway show called Runnin' Wild. The composer said he was inspired by the music of the dockworkers in Charleston.

Play an audio clip of The Charleston song. Via The Internet Archive.

Big Apple Dance

The Big Apple dance is a circle dance that was created at the Big Apple Night Club in Columbia, SC in the 1930s. It then became a dance sensation in New York and nationally.

Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates (1907-1998)

Peg Leg Bates was a tap dancer from Fountain Inn, SC who lost his left leg in an accident at age twelve. He taught himself how to dance with a wooden leg and became a world-famous dancer and celebrity.