Myrtle Beach seaside scene at night.

Blue Sky. Myrtle Beach. 1983. acrylic on canvas 44” x 144” Image courtesy of the SC Arts Commission.

Meet historical and contemporary painters, folk artists, architects, and other artists who have worked and lived in South Carolina.

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Dave the Potter

David Drake lived in Edgefield as a slave and, after the Civil War, as a freed man who made distinctive stoneware pottery, often engraved with short poems or couplets.

Michael Francis Blake Photographs, 1912-1934

Come explore 117 photographs of men, women, and children taken between 1912-1934 by Blake who opened one of the first African-American photography studios in Charleston, S.C.

Willard Hirsch (1905-1982)

Willard Hirsch was a sculptor from Charleston, SC who worked with clay, metal, and wood. The South Carolina Army National Guard created the video below highlighting his work on the National Guard armory panels. 

Video courtesy of the SC Army National Guard via Youtube.

South Carolina Artists

Meet artists from every era of South Carolina history, as a colony through today.

  • Henrietta de Beaulieu Dering Johnston (1670-1729)
    First female professional artist in America
  • Thomas Coram (1756-1811)
    18th century landscape artist
  • Charles Fraser (1782-1860)
    Charleston artist who created over 500 miniature portrait paintings
  • Maria Martin Bachman (1796-1863)
    19th century natural history painter who worked with John Audubon
  • Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (1876-1958)
    Artist during the Charleston Renaissance known for her watercolors and woodblock prints
  • Anna Heyward Taylor (1879-1956)
    Artist active in the Charleston Renaissance who became well-known for her woodblock prints
  • Elizabeth O'Neill Verner (1883-1979)
    Major figure of the Charleston Renaissance.
  • William Melton Halsey (1915-1999)
    Modernist painter and sculpture who also was an influential art teacher in the state
  • Jasper Johns (1930- )
    Influential contemporary artist in the genres of Abstract Expressionism and Pop art.
  • Blue Sky (1938- )
    Contemporary painter and sculptor known for his large murals and public sculptures
  • Jonathan Green (1955- )
    Contemporary African-American painter and printmaker