Robert Mills plantation home

Robert Mills House in Columbia, SC. Image courtesy of SCPRT.

Learn about art styles and folk art that have been popular in South Carolina.

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Art  Artopia

Ever wanted to be an artist? Now you can try your hand at many different kinds of art styles. You can also learn about many South Carolina artists throughout history.

Baskets Digital Traditions

See South Carolina folk traditions like quilting, pottery, basketry, communal foodways, and folk music through audio, video, and photography


South Carolina Art Styles

Learn about several art styles that have been popular in this state.


From Lowcountry plantations to one-story shotgun houses and the Carolina I-House, many architectural styles can be found in South Carolina.

Robert Mills (1781-1855)

Architect Robert Mills was born in Charleston, SC and designed the Washington Monument, other federal buildings in Washington, D.C., campus buildings at USC, county courthouses around South Carolina, and private homes.


Sweetgrass baskets have been made in Charleston and along the coast for more than 300 years. Slaves from West Africa brought this art with them and have passed the tradition on from generation to generation.


Read about people in South Carolina making traditional and usable art from wood.

Charleston Renaissance (1915-1940)

The Charleston Renaissance was a cultural revival that celebrated the heritage of the city, led by artists, writers, musicians, and others. Check out the visual art that was inspired by Charleston and the coastal region during this time period.