Animals and Plants

Sea Turtle swimming in the ocean.

Sea Turtle. (2008) Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved 10:37 12 Dec 2017.

Discover the animals and plants that also call South Carolina home.


Watch this video about fire ants building a living raft.

Specific Animals


Specific Plants

"Red and Green Venus Flytrap"Venus Flytrap. (2016). U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region 

  • Kudzu
    Learn more about “the vine that ate the South!”
  • Nancy Basket
    Meet a South Carolina artist who uses kudzu to make baskets, paper, and even a studio.
  • Poison Ivy
    Find out why poison ivy makes you itchy.
  • Mistletoe
    Mistletoe lives throughout South Carolina on oaks and other deciduous trees.
  • Spanish Moss
    Learn about the myths, medicinal uses, and nature of Spanish Moss.
  • Southern Magnolia
    Magnolia trees have beautiful fragrant, large white flowers.
  • The Venus Flytrap's Lethal Allure
    The venus flytrap is one of only two plants that actively trap animals for food.