Lesson Plans

Available are descriptions of lesson plans created by schools, educators, museums, state and federal parks, and other educational organizations.

Students will compare and contrast the educational philosophies of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois for African-Americans.

Students will be able to explain the role of entrepreneurs in a market economy. Students will be able to determine how to choose the right business for them.

Through collage, the student will create an image that conveys a message of social importance.

The students will be able to explain the contributions of individuals from South Carolina and how they influenced the history of United States.

The student will identify the process of voting.  The student will interpret a bar graph. 

Students will respond to informational and literary texts through a friendly letter or email.

In this lesson, students create a political cartoon after reading about John C. Calhoun’s “Strange Dream”.

This educator guide explores the special nature of African-American celebrations within the family and community, and encourages students to discover their own cultural heritage.

These coloring and activity books are a fun way to learn about recycling.

King Charles to King Cotton: South Carolina 1670-1860 is a South Carolina 3rd and 8th Grade program designed by educators affiliated with the following museum properties: