Lesson Plans

Available are descriptions of lesson plans created by schools, educators, museums, state and federal parks, and other educational organizations.

GOAL:To have students learn about the personal effects carried by soldiers during the American Revolution.

This activity is comprised of three lessons and labs focusing on ocean acidification, pH, impacts of carbon dioxide on water chemistry, and sources and sinks of carbon.

This lesson is designed to help students become familiar with their state of South Carolina and the variety of features, conditions, and opportunities it can offer.

In South Carolina, loggerhead sea turtles lay about 120 eggs per nest. The female turtle digs out the pear-shaped nest cavity with her hind flippers.

This is a lesson plan from The Powder House, South Carolina's oldest public building.  Students will create a newspaper article that summarizes the story of either Stede Bonnet or Blackbeard, and their interaction with the

This is a lesson plan from The Powder House, South Carolina's oldest public building. The students will research the story of either, Stede Bonnet, Richard Worley, Anne Bonny, or Blackbeard, and create a visual display tha

Focus Question: How does the time of day affect the amount and/or types of Plankton in the coastal zone. Objectives: The students will: 1.

This lesson introduces students to a description of life on the plantation and the cultivation of cotton from the perspective of a slave.

This is a Teachers Resource Guide about Historic Latta Plantation about farming and plantation life.

The students conduct research to understand the different forms of pollution that exist in South Carolina, the effects of pollution on the environment and on human beings, and the most effective ways to reduce the amount o