William Wilson Cooke African American Architect

Property: The Lee Library, Claflin University NR, Orangeburg County

Historic Content 

Like Tingley Memorial Hall, the Lee Library at Claflin College was designed by African American architect William Wilson Cooke. Cooke drew the plans for the construction in a Victorian style of architecture. This building later became the first African American art department in the state of South Carolina. Claflin College, now Claflin University, educated and trained some of the first African American architects in South Carolina, but also educated trained outstanding African American artists and educators throughout the nation.


Learning Objectives: 

1. Student will be able to draw a house and building with landscape. 

2. Student will be able to use elements of design to drawings. 

3. Student will be able to define architecture. 

4. Student will be able draw in Victorian or Modern style of architecture. 

5. Student will be able to identify and discuss major social and historical events of William Wilson Cooke's lifetime. 


Winston A. Wingo
Organization Affiliation
South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation & Carver Middle School, Spartanburg District 7
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