The Textile Industry in Greenville

This lesson is designed to help deepen 3rd grade students' understanding of what the textile industry is and how it became so important to Greenville's development. The lesson uses a newspaper clipping from 1958 that shows a crowd of people at the 20th annual Southern Textile Exposition at Greenville's Textile Hall to engage students' interest in the lesson.

The lesson is divided over three days. On the first day, students will learn about the basic history of the textile mills and how they became so important to Greenville's economy. On the second day, students will learn about the lives of the numerous workers in the textile mills as a way of building historical empathy and understanding multiple perspectives on an issue. On the third day, students will synthesize and communicate with they have learned by working in groups to design an imaginary mill of their own.

Catherine Tucker
Organization Affiliation
Furman University