Soldier Fare: Soldiers' food in the American Revolution

Soldiers in the 18th century received a daily ration of food. This was usually of low quality, and many times minimal in amount. These meager amounts, though, added up, creating a major logistical challenge for the army. How did they manage to take care of all those men? Such challenges as supplying food and water for an army were just a part of the total picture of what life was like for a soldier in the American Revolution. Then, as now, a soldier's life is very difficult. Few of us will ever experience such extremes, but we can begin to develop an understanding of, and perhaps a respect for, what those soldiers endured. This activity is for students to become familiar with foods common to 18th century soldiers and the quantities needed to sustain an army of the time.

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Fort Sumter National Monument
30-40 minutes
Grade Level