King Charles to King Cotton: South Carolina 1670-1860

King Charles to King Cotton: South Carolina 1670-1860 is a South Carolina 3rd and 8th Grade program designed by educators affiliated with the following museum properties:

  • The Powder Magazine - South Carolina's Oldest Public Building, c. 1713
  • Historic Charleston Foundation's Nathaniel Russell House Museum, c. 1808
  • Old Slave Mart Museum- Part of South Carolina's Inter-State Slave Trade, c. 1856

The purpose of King Charles to King Cotton is to immerse students in South Carolina history by visiting three authentic properties located in historic Charleston. Program content includes the political, economic, and social transformations that shaped South Carolina between 1670 and 1860. Students will gain historic perspectives by walking in the footsteps of those who lived through the state's Colonial, Revolutionary, and Antebellum periods. Participating museums are interconnected as a tangible timeline revealing South Carolina's evolving political and economic history. Students will review how the institution of slavery served as a foundation for South Carolina throughout these transformative years. 

Organization Affiliation
Historic Charleston Foundation