How Threatening Is Your Schoolyard?

The purpose of this assignment is to get students thinking about changes they can make to decrease threats to our local saltmarshes. Students will begin by reading the ‘Threats’ section of the saltmarsh guide and will annotate the text as they do so. They will underline key points as they read. Students will annotate the right margins with ideas for solutions to the problems the threats cause for our local saltmarshes. Students will annotate left margins with words they don’t know the meaning of or words they want more information about. Students will then design a poster with groups that summarizes what they have learned from their reading. These posters will be hung in the school hallway as a way of educating their fellow students.

Students will also walk the school campus and identify areas of concern as they relate to what they have learned from reading the ‘Threats’ section of the field guide. As they identify threats they will discuss plans for improvement. The final assessment for this unit will be to write a plan of action to either decrease or eliminate a threat that can be presented to the school’s leadership committee.

Tracy Lyles
Organization Affiliation
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
3-4 days
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