Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates: Tap Dance Extraordinaire!

Property: Fountain Inn Principal's House and Teacherage (105 Mt. Zion Drive), Greenville County

Historic Content 

The Fountain Inn Principal's House and Teacherage was built in 1935 originally with the intention of it being a home for teachers who provided educational instruction for African Americans in Fountain Inn, but by the 1940s, it housed teachers as well as the principal and his family. 

Student Learning Objectives: 

1. Students will explore the background information of the Fountain Inn Principal's House and Teacherage property as well as the childhood and performing life of tap dancer Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates through a PowerPoint lesson. 

2. Students will complete the attached fill-in-the-blank handout (pg. 3) that accompanies the lesson. 

3. Students will recall and define the following vocabulary terms used in the lesson after it is complete: Vaudeville, sharecropping, segregation, minstrel show 


Amanda Greene
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South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation & Thornwell School for the Arts, Darlington County School District
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