Lesson Plans

Available are descriptions of lesson plans created by schools, educators, museums, state and federal parks, and other educational organizations.

This activity examines one way our state chooses to deter people from littering: the creation and enforcement of litter laws.

In this lesson, students examine the litter problem from an economic perspective.

This activity is the first of a two-part lesson that asks students to examine the impact of litter on South Carolina.

This is an activity book about getting rid of litter in our state and how students can help.  

Activities related to the song "Little Johnny Brown" and the Sea Island musical culture.

Students will locate on a map the starting location of the different lines at the Battle of Cowpens.

The sea turtles' unique life history compounds the negative effects caused by the multitude of anthropogenic, or human-induced, threats these animals face.

How does the Charleston Bump affect water flow in the Gulf Stream, what is the impact of these effects on biological communities, and what processes produce the rock-like surface of the Charleston Bump?

Action for a cleaner tomorrow: A South Carolina Environmental Curriculum Supplement is an activity-based interdisciplinary curriculum supplement that can serve as a starting place for introducing basic environment

In this lesson plan, students read a primary source document to learn about the life of Lunsford Lane, a slave who worked in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.