History before 1865

In this lesson, students will label a map of the USA and CSA in 1861, describe the events surrounding the construction of the various submarine vessels, and will read descriptions of each submarine and compare each submarine.

Students will analyze photographs taken in Charleston, SC, during the Civil War years, 1861-1865. The photographs are from the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress. 

Students will be able to interpret census data to statistically describe population trends.

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In this lesson, students write free-verse acrostic poems about archaeology using the letters of the word "archaeology" to begin each line.

Students, who are already familiar with the overall story of the H.L.

This activity is designed to introduce students to archaeology by having them find the definition of archaeology in the readings, and discover how math and science help us learn about the past.

This activity is designed help students learn how to measure and record using both the English and Metric systems.

Detailed descriptions of archaeological sites and artifacts are important during an excavation. Sometimes archaeologists are not sure what an artifact was used for.

Students often learn about the history's major events, but sometimes lack the understanding of local experiences.

Students will examine the principle of stratigraphy and site formation by creating an edible habitation site.

This activity is designed to help students learn about techniques used by archaeologists in the lab. Students decorate small ceramic pots and then break them into pieces. Using glue and the students' puzzle power they reassemble their pots.

The recent discovery and raising of the lost submarine, the CSS Hunley, has answered many historical questions. The subsequent opening of the boat and examination of the artifacts within has answered more.

This lesson looks at the activities of the Hunley in Charleston, South Carolina and the impact the Hunley had on the Civil War.

This lesson is designed to give students a better understanding of life in Charleston during the Civil War.

This activity is designed to help students learn about the types of items from the culture under study that would be preserved in the archaeological record.