Regions: Blue Ridge

South Carolina map highlighting the Blue Ridge region

Explore the 5 regions of South Carolina and find out what makes each of them unique.

Maps & Images


  • Web of Water-Blue Ridge
    Watch the video of the Web of Water adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the headwaters of the Saluda River.
  • Lake Keowee
    Lake Keowee is a man-made lake used as cooling water for the nuclear reactors at the Oconee Nuclear Generating Station.
  • Chattooga River Area
    The Chattooga River runs through the border between South Carolina and Georgia.
  • Waterfalls
    There are many waterfalls in the Blue Ridge region.

Cities & Towns


Brook trout
Brook trout. Image courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • The Cove Forest
    Cove forests are special types of forests in mountain “coves” or valleys with fertile, damp soil.
  • Natural State-Blue Ridge
    Meet artists who use materials found in nature in the Blue Ridge region to make their art.
  • Jocassee Gorges
    Mountain rivers have carved steep gorges in this unique area.
  • Kings Mountain 
    Explore the nature and science of Blacksburg's Kings Mountain.
  • Plant Communities of the Blue Ridge
    The Blue Ridge is home to several different plant communities, such as conifer-dominated forests and the cove forest.


Table Rock
Table Rock Mountain is in Pickens County at the Table Rock State Park (elevation 3124'). Image by flickr user Martin LaBar.