Lesson Plans

Available are descriptions of lesson plans created by schools, educators, museums, state and federal parks, and other educational organizations.

Property: William H. Johnson Birthplace Historic Marker, Palmetto Street, Florence

Historic Content 

Property: The Lee Library, Claflin University NR, Orangeburg County

Historic Content 

Property: Tingley Memorial Hall, Claflin University NR, Orangeburg County

Use the classroom activity to investigate the factors affecting wind waves.

Property: Cigar Factory, 701 East Bay St., Charleston, SC 29403

Historic Content 

Students will:

  • Explore the making of the atomic bomb
  • Learn about oral histories
  • Investigate the impact nationally and internationally of the atomic bomb 

Focus Questions: 1. Based on the equipment preview and discussion activity, what would you need to have aboard ship to complete a successful 3 day-night research cruise? 2. How do scientists decide what equipment to take?

Willie Lee Rose's Rehearsal for Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment details the take over by Union troops of Port Royal Island, South Carolina.

Teacher leads the students in a rousing march to Cowpens National Battlefield! Teacher follows script provided and students echo.