William H. Johnson African American Painter

Property: William H. Johnson Birthplace Historic Marker, Palmetto Street, Florence

Historic Content 

During the early 20th century, a number of African American artists left the South and America to advance and further their artistic training in Europe. Once free of the Jim Crow South and race discrimination in the United States, they created some of their greatest works. 

William H. Johnson developed his unique style of painting during the period when he was living and working in Europe. 

Johnson (1901-1970,) quickly became one of the most important African-American artists of the 20th century.

Student Learning Objectives: 

1. Student will be able to draw and paint a landscape with figures 

2. Student will be able to use the elements of design to create paintings. 

3. Student will be able to define and discuss painting composition. 

4. Student will be able to create paintings in the painting style of William H. Johnson. 

5. Student will be able to define and discuss the Harlem Renaissance and identify outstanding African American artists and historians during the Harlem Renaissance period. 

6. Student will be able to identify and describe major social and historic events that happened during William H. Johnson's career. 


Winston A. Wingo
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South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation & Carver Middle School, Spartanburg District 7
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