Sherman's March to the Sea

This activity helps students understand how the Union's "March to the Sea" was one of the more controversial aspects of the later phases of the Civil War. Sent by Ulysses S. Grant to "create havoc and destruction of all resources that would be beneficial to the enemy," Sherman began his "Atlanta Campaign" in May 1864. Students will view a video clip from THE CIVIL WAR series that explains how, after capturing Atlanta, Sherman marched his army to the sea, capturing the city of Savannah in December, and then marching through South Carolina into North Carolina. Students will then analyze two primary sources. First, they will look at a letter written by Sherman to Grant as Sherman's army approached Savannah. Second, they will review the lyrics to the popular song of that period, "Marching Through Georgia." Student questions follow, which can be used for general class discussion or individual assessment. 

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