Avery Institute: Preservation of African American History & Culture

Property: Avery Institute, 125 Bull St., Charleston, SC 29424

Historic Content 

With the aid of the American Missionary Association, the Avery Normal Institute came into existence in Charleston, SC, in 1865. It was the first accredited secondary school for African Americans in Charleston. The Institute was staffed with northern white missionaries and members of Charleston's antebellum free black community, such as the Cardozo brothers (Thomas and Francis).

Student Learning Objectives: 

1. Students will learn the history, significance, and contribution of Avery Institute 

2. Students will learn the direct and indirect influence the Institute had on African American society 

3. Students will learn about influential administrators and graduates from Avery Institute 

4. Students will learn how the Institute is still relevant with preservation of African American culture 


Leasharn M. Hopkins
Organization Affiliation
South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation &New Life Productions, LLC
2 weeks
Grade Level
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