African-American Artist Edwin A. Harleston

Property: Harleston-Boags Funeral Home NR, 121 Calhoun Street, Charleston 

Historic Content 

Captain Edwin G. Harleston, a former sea captain, constructed this building in 1915 for the family undertaking business. The three-story building included an office, showroom, morgue, embalming room and chapel. An apartment for family members was on the third floor. 

Student Learning Objectives: 

The African-American artist , Edwin A. Harleston who lived and worked in Charleston during the early 20th century, created great outstanding drawings and paintings depicting many local and national African-Americans. Today when you are in any social Studies textbook, you will find reproductions of great artists' artworks with information on artist life. The drawings, paintings and other visual arts give us narrative stories of the past in visual form. We can begin the process of making connections between art and history. Many African- American artists who created outstanding works of art give us an insight and perspective on historical events, locations and outstanding people who contributed to the development of our nation and state.


Winston A. Wingo
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South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation & Carver Middle School, Spartanburg District 7
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