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This teacher's guide to seventh grade Forest Science is designed to help you present the basic tenets of managing the forest resource in South Carolina.

Students will be able to visually compare the historical events that took place on and/or near the property of Fort Frederick Heritage Preserve by completing a timeline.

Property: Fort Jackson (Hood Street) Elementary, Richland County 

Historic Content 

The Fort Sumter Teacher’s Guide is designed as an informative tool for South Carolina educators.

This Teacher's Guide is designed as an informative tool for South Carolina educators.

In this activity, students will examine sequential primary sources relating to the events that led to this change and write eight short descriptions explaining the relationships between the historical events.

Focus Questions: How do marine scientists collect samples of the organisms living on the ocean floor? Objectives: The students will:

This lesson is a part of a larger unit on the Underground Railroad and is based on Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt (Hopkinson, Deborah. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1993.).

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the historical techniques of making tabby by constructing structures from a Frosted Flakes or Rice Crispies bar recipes. 

This lesson contains information & hands on activities for teaching grades 3-5 about the Certified South Carolina Grown Program & the differences between fruits & vegetables.