Native American Culture

Jar with Heads

Sara Ayers. Jar with Heads. 1987. Clay 12" x 9" x 9". Image courtesy of the SC Arts Commission.

Learn about Native American culture both before European contact and today.

Visual Arts

Native American artists in South Carolina make pottery, weaving, and other arts.

Food Culture

Explore the food traditions of Native Americans in South Carolina, before the Europeans and since.

  • Cherokee Foodways in SC
    Explore the history of cooking and foods of the Cherokee.
  • Indian Food and Cooking in NC
    The tribes of North Carolina 400 years ago would have had similar food culture to the Native American people of South Carolina.
  • Cherokee Recipes
    Cook from recipes passed down through the Cherokee, such as fry bread, kanuchi, and fried hominy.


Learn about the Cherokee or Tsalagi language and say O’siyo!

Specific Tribes

These Native American tribes have all lived in South Carolina and are a state or federally recognized tribe.

Catawba Nation Today

Listen to the early memories of Beckee Garris, a citizen of the Catawba Nation of South Carolina.

Native American Culture

Learn about the culture of Native American tribes in South Carolina.

  • Native Americans in South Carolina
    Use this comprehensive guide to learn about the tribes that have lived in South Carolina throughout our history.
  • Cherokee Games
    Read about the games that Cherokees have played such as chunkey, Cherokee marbles, stickball, and more!
  • Cherokee Indians (1927)
    Watch this video from 1927 titled "Glimpses of Life Among the Catawba and Cherokee Indians of the Carolinas."
  • Native American Studies Archive
    View pictures of pottery, families, and homes from the Catawba Indian Reservation.