Human and Environment Interaction

Composition in Warms

Louise Yancey. Composition in Warms. 1975. watercolor 17 1/2" x 24". Image courtesy of the SC Arts Commission.

Find out about transportation, environmental issues, and other ways South Carolinians and the environment interact.


Electricity & Power

  • Hydropower
    Find out how South Carolina’s hydroelectric plants are changing to address their impact on the environment.
  • South Carolina Electricity Profile
    See how much electricity and emission South Carolina’s power plants produced in 2007.
  • History of Santee Cooper Power
    The Santee Cooper project started in 1939 to provide power to many South Carolinians.
  • Santee Cooper Project – 1939
    Read about the plantations, churches, cemeteries, and other places that were lost with the construction of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie.
  • Building Santee Cooper
    Explore the 188 images from the construction of the Pinopolis and Santee dams.
  • SCE&G Power Plants
    Find out about the different types of power plants in use at the South Carolina Electric & Gas Company in central South Carolina.

Environmental Issues

Exotic Pests and Biological Invaders

  • Exotic Plant Pest Species of SC
    Invasive exotic or non-native plants can compete with native species and often take over an entire landscape and reduce plant biodiversity.
  • Chinese Tallow
    The Chinese tallow tree is invading many coastal plain landscapes of the Southeast.
  • Knocking Back Biological Invaders
    Learn about many different biological invaders and what can be done to stop the damage to native species.