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Hurricane Hugo satellite image from NOAA on September 21, 1989

Hurricane Hugo, September 21, 1989. Image courtesy of NOAA.

Explore our state's participation in modern wars, increased infrastructure, and economic development in the "New South."

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Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo was a Category 5 hurricane that made landfall on the Isle of Palms on September 22, 1989. The hurricane was the most damaging hurricane ever recorded at the time and caused $10 billion in damage.

Savannah River Site

The Savannah River Site is a nuclear reservation in Aiken, Allendale, and Barnwell counties. It was built during the 1950s to produce plutonium and tritium to use in nuclear weapons. 6,000 people in several small towns in South Carolina were forced to leave their homes.

Savannah River Site
Savannah River Site building. Image courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy.