School age children square dancing.

Square dancing image by flickr user kidgrifter.

From The Big Apple to the Carolina Shag and the Charleston, South Carolina has been influential in lots of dance styles.

South Carolina Symbols

More information on these symbols can be found at the SC State House Student Connection.

Carolina Shag

The Shag became the official State Dance in 1984. The Shag is a form of swing dancing done with a partner.

Video of the Carolina Shag. via Youtube

The Big Apple dance

The Big Apple dance is a circle dance that was created at the Big Apple Night Club in Columbia, SC in the 1930s. It became a dance sensation in New York and nationally.

Video of the Big Apple dance. via DailyMotion


Artopia - Dance

ArtopiaAt Artopia - Dance you can meet dancers, watch a movie about dance, learn about floor paths, and be a dance critic!

Square Dancing

Square Dancing became the official State Folk Dance in 1994. In square dancing, the instructions are called out to the dancers during the dance.