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Color photograph of Bennie Cunningham

Bennie Lee Cunningham, Jr.

Bennie Lee Cunningham, Jr. was a professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Color photograph of Gilbert Allen

Gilbert Allen

Gilbert Allen is a poet, fiction writer, editor, and educator.

Janie Glymph Goree

Janie Glymph Goree

Janie Glymph Goree was South Carolina's first African American female mayor of Carlisle, SC. 

Black and white photograph of Virginia Durant Covington Young

Virginia Durant Covington Young

Virginia Durant Covington Young was a South Carolina suffragist, editor, and owner of South Carolina's Fairfax Enterprise weekly newspaper.

Photo of Abbeville Opera House. "Abbeville Opera House" by J. Stephen Conn is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Abbeville County

Both the county and its county seat, the town of Abbeville, were named for the French town of the same name.

A black, white and cream movie theater with red accents on the two windows.

Hampton County

Hampton County and its county seat Hampton were named for Confederate general and governor Wade Hampton (1818-1902).

A wooden triangle held up by a wooden contraption with two long metal poles extending from wooden triangle.

Dillon County

Dillon County was named for James W. Dillon (1826-1913), a prominent local resident.

A brown brick and white column building behind a large mossy tree and next to a white clock tower.

Horry County

Horry County was named for Revolutionary War hero Peter Horry (1743-1815). The county was originally a part of the Georgetown District, and at one time, it was called Kingston.

South Carolina Facts

South Carolina State Bird

The Carolina Wren was designated as the official State Bird by Act Number 693 of 1948. This Act repealed an earlier Act designating the Mockingbird as the State Bird. The Carolina Wren is found in all areas of South Carolina. It is a small bird with a conspicuous white stripe over the eyes.

South Carolina Glossary

Black and White U.S. Map with a red line going up through the states.

Great Wagon Road

(noun) The Great Wagon Road was an improved trail through the Great Appalachian Valley from Pennsylvania to North Carolina and from there to Georgia in colonial America.