World War I and the Jazz Age

Parris Island Museum

Parris Island Museum. Image courtesy of SCPRT.

From hometown soldiers and nurses to Camp Sevier in Greenville, South Carolina was deeply invested in World War I.

Life in the Military




  • Bernard M. Baruch
    Bernard Baruch was an economic advisor to presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • David R. Coker
    David Coker was a Hartsville businessman and philanthropist who founded the "Coker's Pedigreed Seed Catalogue" in 1914.
  • Susan Pringle Frost
    Susan Frost was the first president of the Charleston Equal Suffrage League and worked for equal voting rights for women and for preserving endangered Charleston properties
  • Ambrose E. Gonzales
    Ambrose Gonzales and his brother founded The State newspaper in 1891.
  • Edwin G.Seibels
    Edward Seibels was a businessman from Edgefield who invented a vertical filing system that revolutionized record-keeping.
  • James C. Self
    James Self owned several textile mills in Greenwood, SC.


1918 Spanish Influenza

Influenza precaution signInfluenza precaution sign at naval facility in Philadelphia, PA, 1918. Image from the Department of the Navy-Naval Historical Center.

The Spanish flu killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide in 1918. Especially hard-hit were soldiers at military camps such as Camp Jackson and Camp Sevier.